Reddish gravel 1L (0.5-1mm)

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1l ≈1450g Granulation0.5-1 mm
Reddish gravel, natural and carefully processed, is ideal for substrate mixes, aquascaping, or decoration in pots and arrangements. With a neutral pH and uniform color, it contributes to an optimal environment in aquariums and improves drainage and soil aeration for plants. Its non-compacting property is essential for plant health, reducing the risk of decay, and preventing the emergence of bacteria or fungi through proper drainage.
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Reddish gravel represents a natural product, resulting from fine stone fragments that have been carefully washed and processed to eliminate any impurities. With a neutral pH and uniform color, this material is ideal for use in substrate mixes, aquascaping, or as top-dressing in pots or arrangements. In aquascaping, this type of gravel helps create an ideal environment without compromising water quality.
It significantly contributes to improving drainage and soil aeration, and its non-compacting property is essential for maintaining an optimal environment for plant roots, reducing the risk of decay. Additionally, by facilitating proper drainage, it prevents the excessive accumulation of water, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria or fungi.

1l ≈:
0.5-1 mm
1 litru
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