Pumice 1L (0.5-1mm)

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1l ≈850g Granulation0.5-1 mm

Pumice is a natural material resulting from the rapid solidification process of volcanic foam. Known for its porous and lightweight texture, pumice is extensively used due to its water absorption capacity, gradually releasing it afterward. It is often employed in plant substrate blends, in aquascaping to create an optimal environment, and in cosmetics for skin exfoliation. Pumice also serves as a soil conditioner, featuring variable granulation suitable for various purposes, and its non-toxic nature makes it a safe choice in diverse fields.

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COMPOSITION: NATURAL EXPANDED CELLULAR MAGMATIC MINERAL Pumice is the result of the natural expansion of effusive magmatic mineral, a process that has generated an extremely lightweight alveolar material with high porosity and a great water retention capacity, slowly releasing it with distinctive insulating properties. Being an entirely natural product, it is recommended and highly suitable for application in gardens or substrates where it is widely used.


  • Water absorption - approximately 100g water/100g pumice
  • pH 7-8
  • S.C.: approximately 30 milliequivalents/100g
  • No active limestone
  • NON-TOXIC product


A product with a slow response, lightweight, ideal, and useful in:

  • Root substrate (seeding, succulent plants, cacti, azaleas, orchids, carnivorous plants, transplanting, potted crops, and hydroponic crops)
  • Mixing preparations: universal garden soil, soil specific to certain plants (annuals, acidophilic, succulents, other indoor plants, etc.) either for pot planting or transplanting in the garden; preparing professional substrate or botanical gardening specific for outdoor or protected crops.
  • Mulching
  • Hydroponic crops
  • Crops not in the garden
  • Soil amendment
  • As a drainage agent
  • Thermal insulation
  • Substrate for aquariums Thermal aggregate UNI EN 13055-1 AVERAGE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS (performed on representative samples from the quarry)

Material at quarry moisture (approx. 5% moisture factor)

GRANULATION: 0.5 - 1mm

This mineral is a natural product. The mentioned data above are approximate and do not provide any kind of guarantee.

1l ≈:
0.5-1 mm
1 litru
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Alexandru Buse-Dragomir
Sunt foarte multumit ca am gasit si pumice in aceasta granulatie mai mica.
Excelent pentru orhidee, cat si in amestec pentru cactusi.
Recomand o spalare inaintea folosirii printr-o sita pentru a indeparta praful

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