Universal Substrate Lightly Fertilized for Succulents and Cacti 10L (2-5mm)

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Granulation2-5 mm
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  • 80% mineral material and 20% organic with the addition of organic guano-based fertilizer
  • specially formulated for the healthy and vigorous development of all types of succulents and cacti
  • sterilized against pathogens
  • free from toxic substances or weed seeds
  • excellent water drainage properties ensuring good root aeration
  • significantly reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal growth
  • promotes rapid drying of the substrate
  • contains plant-beneficial oxides
  • contributes to soil microbiology development
  • supports root system development
  • the content of organic guano-based fertilizer promotes faster growth and provides nutrients over an extended period


  • approximately 40% volcanic rock
  • approximately 20% pumice
  • approximately 20% coconut fiber substrate + guano-based fertilizer
  • approximately 10% zeolite
  • approximately 5% activated charcoal
  • approximately 5% vermiculite

Quantities have a margin of error of +/- 2%

The substrate has a moisture content of less than 5%.


1. Volcanic Rock (2-4mm)

We use volcanic rock from Italy due to its high porosity compared to other volcanic rocks of various origins.


  • very good drainage
  • rapid drying
  • ensures air circulation and prevents root rot
  • regulates and maintains an optimal pH for plants
  • contains essential minerals and nutrients for plants
  • increases resistance to pests and fungi
  • decomposes very slowly compared to other volcanic rocks (such as akadama, kanuma, kiryuzuna, etc.), promoting substrate longevity
  • favors root development

2. Pumice (2-4mm)

We use pumice for its high porosity (even higher than volcanic rock), for its lower weight and density, and for the variety of minerals and nutrients it offers.


  • excellent drainage
  • rapid drying
  • optimal root-level aeration, preventing waterlogging and root rot
  • neutral pH: maintains a stable pH in soil
  • low water retention
  • increases resistance to pests and fungi
  • promotes root development


3. Fine Granulation Organic Coconut Fiber Substrate with Guano-based Organic Fertilizer

We use organic coconut fiber substrate, along with a moderate dose of guano-based organic fertilizer, for its high level of beneficial nutrients for plants and to promote microbiological activity that aids in nutrient circulation.


  • high level of nutrients
  • high water absorption capacity
  • lightweight
  • pH: 6-6.2
  • promotes microbiological activity
  • organic compounds, non-toxic or chemical
  • gradual release of nutrients
  • increases productivity

4. Zeolite (3-5mm)

We use zeolite for its unique ability to rehabilitate degraded, depleted, chemically treated soils, improving their microbiology and fertility.


  • reduces the need for fertilizer application through its capacity to store and gradually release nutrients and minerals
  • volcanic origin filtering material
  • porosity 44%
  • pH 6.8 – 7.2
  • contains plant-beneficial oxides (magnesium, aluminum, iron, calcium, silicon)
  • resistant to acids and bases, thermal stability up to 450 °C
  • regulates soil pH
  • reduces plant stress during drought periods
  • promotes root development
  • increases soil permeability
  • retains heavy metals


5. Activated Bamboo Charcoal (3-5mm)

We use activated bamboo charcoal, considered a superior quality alternative with visible results compared to charcoal made from other types of wood, coconut shells, etc., to improve air circulation and significantly reduce the risk of diseases and pests.


  • Its unique porous structure ensures better air circulation at the root level
  • Reduces the risk of root rot in situations of excessive watering
  • Ensures better soil quality overall due to the large contact surface of the pores
  • Reduces toxin levels in the soil by absorbing harmful or foul-smelling substances, heavy metals, and pesticides, thus ensuring soil suitable for plant development
  • Stabilizes soil pH, preventing fluctuations
  • Retains essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, improving soil fertility and reducing the need for fertilizers
  • Contains trace elements not found in other types of activated charcoal
  • Increases microbial activity, providing an ideal habitat for beneficial microorganisms in the soil, contributing to nutrient circulation and overall soil quality
  • Aids in root system aeration

6. Vermiculite (0.5-3mm)

We use vermiculite for its ability to retain and gradually release water and nutrients when needed by the plant, and for soil erosion control.


  • Ensures water retention
  • Aids in root system aeration
  • Gradually retains and releases nutrients
  • Maintains a neutral pH
  • Promotes root development
  • Facilitates germination
  • Very lightweight
  • Protects roots from temperature fluctuations
  • Prevents soil erosion
2-5 mm
10 litri
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