Expanded clay balls 1L (8-16mm)

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1l ≈500g Granulation8-15 mm
Expanded clay balls are created through the thermal expansion of clay. They are used in gardening or container cultivation to improve drainage and retain water in the soil. Expanded clay balls provide an airy and healthy environment for plant roots, contributing to their development.
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Expanded clay balls represent an innovative and efficient solution for improving plant growth conditions in various environments, from crop cultivation to potted plants, gardens, and greenhouses. These balls are obtained by expanding natural clay at high temperatures, resulting in a porous and lightweight structure with numerous benefits for plants:

Advantages of using expanded clay balls for plants include:

  1. Optimal root aeration: The porous structure of the balls allows for good air circulation in the soil, promoting adequate oxygenation of plant roots. This aspect is essential for the health and optimal development of the root system.
  2. Moisture retention: Expanded clay balls absorb water and release it gradually into the soil based on the plant's needs. This creates a consistent hydration environment for roots, reducing the risk of excessive drying or moisture excess.
  3. Thermal insulation: Expanded clay balls provide lightweight thermal insulation, protecting plant roots from abrupt temperature changes and ensuring thermal stability in the soil.
  4. Lightweight structure: The reduced weight of the balls makes handling and managing the substrate much easier. This is a beneficial feature, especially for pots or containers with plants.
  5. pH neutrality: Expanded clay balls typically have a neutral pH, contributing to maintaining soil balance and preventing acidic or alkaline soil problems.

To maximize the benefits of expanded clay balls, they can be mixed with existing soil or used as a drainage layer at the bottom of pots. Additionally, they can be integrated into the composition of planting substrates, improving their texture and properties.

1l ≈:
8-15 mm
1 litru
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